About NI & NI-Japan

How much are current global issues and events related to our daily life?

The problems the world faces in the 21st century are indeed immense. Yet accurate information about these problems, their causes and people who are trying to create solutions, is often difficult to come by in the mainstream media. Indeed, the depressing headline news of poverty and environmental destruction in the mainstream media will often make us feel powerless. NI magazine aims to empower by giving you the facts, including the success stories of the groups and individuals who are taking action worldwide.

In Japan it is sometimes especially hard to find accurate information about global issues, and alternative solutions to the world's problems, making NI even more valuable. NI Japan, the supplement for residents of Japan, gives you specific information about the situation in Japan, who to contact and what you can do.

NI (New Internationalist)
NI's Aim
To report on issues of world poverty and inequality; to focus attention on the unjust relationship between the powerful and the powerless in both rich and poor nations; to debate and campaign for the radical changes necessary if the basic material and spiritual needs of all are to be met.

Who produces NI?
NI Magazine is produced by NI Publications which is an independent co-operative based in Oxford, UK. This co-operative is completely independent, not part of any media corporation. NI does not contain any advertising, so it is also independent from big sponsors. It reports what you will never read in the mainstream media.

The NI team of editors has an extensive network of writers and activists from all over the world, especially in the countries of the south. Each month NI presents the voices and actions of people from this network, giving readers a unique and accurate viewpoint of the world from the perspective of people who are working to change it for the better.

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Format of NI

NI devotes each monthly issue to one main theme-for example:

WTO Debt Relief
Pesticide Education
Sexual Minority Iraq
Coffee Indonesia
Fair Trade Bangladesh/Aid

NI is full color, with photographs and easy to understand graphs and data that give you accurate, concise information about the topic being covered.

NI doesn't allow you to become overwhelmed and depressed by the things that are wrong with the world, but rather introduces you to the people who are actively doing something to make the world a better place. It also provides a list of actions that individuals can take.

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Who reads NI?
Teachers use NI as a teaching material, students use it as a comprehensive source of information. NGO workers use it-or anyone who thinks the mainstream media is not telling them the whole story and is looking for an alternative forum for fresh ideas, radical perspectives and an idealistic vision to inspire hope for a world built on justice and equality.

NI-Japan (New Internationalist Japan)
What is NI Japan?
An 8 page supplement to the NI magazine, containing a translation of the NI Keynote article and an article and data on the NI theme, edited by NI Japan staff. This article/information appears in both English and Japanese. Also included in both Japanese and English is a list of groups to contact in Japan regarding the NI theme.

Who produces NI Japan?
Intilincs Ltd. is the authorized distributor of NI magazine in Japan and produces and edits NI Japan.

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NI Japan's Aim
Information Import: To make the information in NI more accessible in Japan.
  • NI Japan aims to make NI more accessible to Japanese readers by providing Japanese translations and also providing information to both Japanese and non-Japanese about the situation regarding a particular NI topic in Japan.
  • Our 'Reporting from Japan' section (which appears in both Japanese and English) includes articles from and interviews with a variety of writers, activists and experts, as well as a datafile with facts and graphs relevant to the NI theme, while the 'Contact Points' section will connect you to groups and movements in Japan who are taking action on issues, also relevant to the NI theme that month.

Information Export: To make information about Japan more available to others.
  • By having information about Japan available in English, and distributing this information in various ways, we hope to provide a voice for the many NGOs and individuals that are active here in Japan, whose work is often ignored by the mainstream media, both Japanese and English.

Who reads NI Japan?
Teachers of the English language and social/global issues find NI Japan to be an invaluable teaching aid, which enables students to grasp the issues much better, both from a language viewpoint, through the translation, and through understanding the issue in terms of how it affects them in Japan.

Many readers of NI in Japan enjoy reading about NI issues from a local perspective and find the translations useful to show Japanese friends or colleagues.