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December 2011

The almighty influence of the Arms Trade


It's 50 years since US President Dwight D Eisenhower, in his farewell address to the nation, warned of the conjunction of the military and the arms manufacturers, and the undue pressure they could exert on lawmakers and state policy. Today we have moved from the Cold War to Continual War, all at great public expense. Time to bring the arms industry into the line of fire.







Making the news this month

6 The Occupy movement goes viral
7 Zambia vs China?
8 Time to explode myths of the Eurozone crisis

10 Gardening in the margins
Community gardens are giving derelict inner-city sites a new lease of life, writes Anna Weston.
PLUS: Get a warm glow with an eco-friendly log fire.


11 'I' ve not got a nice one for fracking...'
Poet and activist Nnimmo Bassey on mobilizing resistance through the arts.
PLUS: Bosnian love songs from Amira; an inspiring documentary recalling the AIDS epidemic in 1980s San Francisco; and, 50 years
after his death, Susan Williams asks Who Killed Hammarskjold?

Special feature:
the Arms Trade

16 Anxieties of influence
The arms industry tends to have the government's ear. Why, wonders Dinyar Godrej, when it is so counter-productive?

19 Arms trade - THE FACTS

20 Washington's white elephant
William D Hartung on the world's most expensive (pretty obsolete) combat aircraft and the unholy battle to keep producing it.

22 The shadow world
Andrew Feinstein examines the corrupt networks of arms deals. His own political career got choked in one.

24 Rise of the drones
The Terminator tendency to the fore as countries rush to acquire weapons that can be steered from half a world away. Chris Cole reports.

26 God is my alarm clock
Meet Dona Maria Bras – a hero of the streets and one of the founders of a movement spreading
across Brazil, giving the country's waste pickers back their dignity. By Deia de Brito.

Regular Features
4 Letters
Cargill's role in food price spikes; population woes; and the plight of Iraq's Christian minority ignored.
PLUS: Scratchy Lines by Simon Kneebone.

33 Letter from Cairo
Maria Golia experiences beautiful music and blunt talk at an impromptu gathering.

34 Country profile: Federated States of Micronesia

36 Cartoon Corner
Polyp's Big Bad World, Marc Roberts' Only Planet and guest cartoonist Farhad Foroutanian, an Iranian living in the Netherlands.

37 Puzzle Page

38 Mark Engler
Why America's 99 per cent have rebelled.




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From this month's theme

- Anxieties of influence (NI p16-18)
- Arms trade - THE FACTS (NI p19)
- Washington's white elephant (NI p20-21)
- The shadow world (NI p22-23)
- Rise of the drones (NI p24-25)

From other articles

- The Occupy movement goes viral (NI p6)
- Zambia vs China? (NI p7)
- The warm, green glow (NI p10)

This month's Japanese organizations at a glance

Can Arms trade be restricted by Arms Trade Treaty?
Interview with the policy officer of Oxfam Japan


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