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NI Japan Back Number
Year Month
12 448 The almighty influence of the Arms Trade
11 447 Banking on hunger - How speculators moved into food
10 446 Nature's defenders - Can indigenous people save the planet?
9 445 Pakistan - Daring to hope
7/8 444 The changing face of masculinity - How women stand to gain
6 443 The Far Right gets respectable
5 442 Climate change denial - Busting the myths
4 441 Makers of the miracle - So why are China's workers left out in the cold?
3 440 Up in arms - How the financial crisis sparked a wave of popular protest
1/2 439 Corporate lobbying - Who's pushing politicians' buttons?
12 438 Zero carbon world - Can it be done?
11 437 Humans vs. Nature
10 436 A wake-up call for democracy
9 435 Seed savers - The frontline against world hunger
7/8 434 Zero Growth - Life beyond growth
6 433 Deported! - What happened next?
5 432 Iraq: Seven years later - the legacy of invasion
4 431 Bloody oil - Shut down the tar sands!
3 430 Globalization on the rocks...so what's to smile about?
1/2 429 Too many of us? - The population panic
12 428 Welcome to Copenhagen! - The Great Climate Sale
11 427 Counterterrorism's rise
10 426 Islam in power - Change from within
9 425 Vanishing bees
7/8 424 The Arctic
6 423 China in charge
5 422 Multiculturalism - Is it working?
4 421 Put people first
3 420 Mothers who die
1/2 419 Climate justice: Taking the power back
12 418 Food Crisis: Record profit and hungry people
<Reporting from Japan>
-- Food Sovereignty - how to save Japan and the world from the food crisis
by Mashima Yoshitaka (Japan Family Farmers Movement)
11 417 Through Afghan eyes - The war that won't end
10 416 Wanted! - For dodging tax justice
9 415 Drowning in plastic - Living in a toxic world
8 414 We need to think about Toilets
7 413 Viva Yasuni - Life vs Big Oil
6 412 Dropping the Bomb - How to ban nukes and save the planet
<Reporting from Japan>
--Nuclear Disarmament in Japan - Background of the 'Anti Anti-Nuclear Nation'
by Kawabe Ichiro (Aichi University)
<Special Report for the NI Japan No.100>
--No More Hiroshimas, No More Nagasakis.... and beyond
Introducing some anti-nuclear groups in Japan
--Messages from the country that experienced nuclear devastation
Learning about atomic weapons from Japanese children's books
5 411 Burma - Ripe for change
4 410 New dawn for indigenous peoples?
3 409 Ethical Travel
1/2 408 Human Rights in a time of terror
12 407 Corporate responsibility unmasked
11 406 DEPLETED URANIUM - The poisoned legacy
10 405 Big babies - Dumbing down politics
9 404 Trafficked - For sexual exploitation
8 403 Southern Exposure
7 402 In search of Permaculture
6 401 DARFUR - Don't look away
Daring to dream - Inspiration from the Majority World
Cotton - The peril and the promise
<Reporting from Japan>
Japanese native cotton, Gandhi and You
by Caitlin Stronell (NI Japan)
Inside Iran
State of the world's OCEAN
Corruptuion - Can the rot be stopped?
Ethical shopping - a magic bullet to save the world?
<Reporting form Japan>
Ethical Consumerism - will it take root in Japan?
by Kitazawa Koh (Fair Trade Resource Center)
Europe! Resisting corporate design
Advertising overload



Banks - The Kings of Capital

CO2NNED - Carbon offsets stripped bare
<Reporting form Japan>
The Japanese Government takes on Kyoto Mechanisms
by Hirata Kimiko (Kiko Network)

The Venezuelan Revolution
Two decades of change in an African Village
Trade Justice
Cartoons & comics - No laughing matter, Cartoonists take issue
Squatter Town - The South's urban explosion
*"Reporting form Japan"will appear irregularly twice a year.

Year MonthNo.ThemeReporting from Japan
The Search for Truth - justice after genocide-Organizations work on Nanjin Massacre, Japan-China friendship and Ainu people.
Disability in the Majority World-Stuff 'normal'! - Disability's challenge to Japan
---Interview with Yamazaki Tadashi (Japan Council on Independent Living Centers: JIL)
-Partnership of JIL and LIFE Independent Living Center in Pakistan

BINGO! - The Big Charity Bonanza-NGOs in Japan - and challenges
---Interview with Yamazaki Tadashi (Secretary General of Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation: JANIC)
Nuclear's second wind-Is there a future for nuclear power?
---Interview with Nishio Baku
(Co-director of Citizens' Nuclear Information Center)
-Non-Violence in Japan
---Japan's Gandhi:Ahagon Shoko
---Non-Violence and Buddhism
---Non-Violence and Women


Caste - the hidden apartheid-The reality of discrimination in Japan and India: what can we learn and what can we do?
---Interview with Bando Nozomi (IMADR)
Out of Africa - A Migrant's Story-Immigrant workers in Japan
---by Yusa Haruna
-What is happening to our natural environment?
--Let's start by thinking of our immediate surroundings?
---by Moro Hideki (NI Japan)
-Street Children through the eyes of Japanese youth
---The Garbage Tip Social System (Toshima Junichi)
---'Street Children' are Individuals (Furukawa Yoshitake)

State of Fear
-Rights & freedoms post-9/11

-Freedom and Rights - Victims of Anxiety and Control
---by Moro Hideki (NI Japan)
Upside down: The United Nations at 60
-NI-Japan asked a random selection of people in Japan what the UN means to them...
-America's Cheer Squad: Japan in the United nations
---by Kawabe Ichiro
Free trade in the AmericasNo report for this month
Women's rights- Women's Rights vs. 'Family Values': Constitutional Crisis in Japan
--- STOP! Amendments to Article 24 Campaign
--- Article 24 as a foundation which we must build on
10372Judeophobia -Teaching about the Holocaust
---by Ishioka Fumiko (Tokyo Holocaust Education Resource Center)
China-Communities Cooperating: Grassroots connections between China and Japan.
---by Higashikawa Takako (Green Earth Network)
In the name of GOD- Keeping the Gods at the Community Level: Shinto and decentralised religion.
---by Caitlin Stronell (NI Japan)
Tobacco- Tobacco in Japan: what are the issues?
---by Watanabe Fumisato (TOPIC: Tobocco Problems Information Center)
6368Co-operative -Co-operateive data file
-'Food safety is not something you buy, it's something each one of us must create': From collective purchasing to socail change

-Co-op Advocacy

Wars for Africa's Wealth - Surrounded by Conflict Resources: from diamonds to tantalum
---by Moro Hideki (NI-Japan)
4366Life after CommunismAnother world Altogether: Reinventing communism in the post-communist era.
---Interview with Ogata Yasuo (Communist Party of Japan)
3365IMF and World Bank -The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank: Japan's crucial part
---by Fukawa Yoko (Pacific Asia Resource Center)
Equality Working towards equality - in its various forms
SugarThe Sugar in Japan- The Facts
11362Big Pharma Empowering Patients -the surest check on drug companies.
---Interview with Hanai Jugo, leader of a group representing victims harmed by drugs.
10361Oil pipelinesThe Shadow over Sakhalin - Japan's newest energy source.
---What the development of oil and gas reserves will mean for the people who live on the northern island.
9360Reinventing power

Direct democracy as a supplement to indirect democracy.
---Association for National and Local Referendums

8359Sounds of dissent Political and Social Messages in Music: the people who make them and the system that tries to stop them
---Self-censorship and the "Banned Songs"
---Messages from the Grassroots: Utagoe Movement ("Singing Voice of Japan")
7358Corporate crime waveCorporations vs. Nature
-The Unimat Real Estate resort development in Iriomote Island
6357Climate Change SolutionsPreventing Global Warming through Changing Social Systems: CASA's Project
- Citizen's Alliance to Save the Atmosphere and the Earth:CASA
5356Latin AmericaGrassroots Connections
- Japan/Latin America Cooperation Network
(Red de Cooperacion Mutua entre Japon y America Lationa: RECOM)
4355PrivatizationPrivatization of the medical and welfare sectors - who does it really benefit?
3354WaterReport from the Third World Water Forum
Community Participation and Rainwater
- Interview with Dr. Murase
1/2353Food and FarmingJapanese Farming - where is it headed?
12352Success StoriesCommunity and Overseas Development Brought Together by Recycle Shop - WE21 Japan
11351The Other AmericaConnecting 'The Other America' and Japan
10350RefugeesRefugees in Japan
9349Patents on LifeJapanese Corporations & Patents on Life
8348Israel & PalestineThe Middle East and Japan
7347Inside BusinessCorporation and Us
-the Johannesburg Earth Summit and Beyond
6346AIDSHIV/AIDS in Japan
5345IslamWhat is Islam to you?
- some voices of people in Japan
4344West PapuaWorking with a Forgotten People
3343Speed-upTime warp in Tokyo
-A Saturday afternoon at Cafe Slow
1/2342Another World is PossibleThe Citizen's Strategy for Creating a New World
12341Trade unionsThe Union Movement in Japan
- adapting to a changing economy
11340Twin Terrors: The world holds its breathThe Terrorist Attacks and Japan
10339New writing from the SouthBirth of Anti-Globalization Movement in Japan
9338Global Resistance: we are everywhere Slavery in Japan
- Trafficked Women in the Sex Industry
8337Slavery: The burden of slaveryNo More Narmadas
- The reform of Japanese ODA
7336Narmada dams: do or die The End of Oil: What will it mean for Japan?
6335Mired in crude: The end of oilThe WTO and Japan
5334WTO: Shrink it or sink it Journalism in Japan
- how the news is controlled even without the direct influence of global media
4333Megalomedia: The voice of globalization Heart of Kindness
EJapanese ODA: The Facts
3332Bangladesh/Aid Which way now?How Garbage Disposal affects our Health
- Chemical Sensitivity and Unburnable Garbage
1/2331Health hazardJapanese Participation in UN Peace Support Operations
- Can the Japanese Self Defense Force Make a Meaningful Contribution?
12330Globocops: The powerful unpluggedThe Sustainability Bridge
11329Sustainability: Searching for solutionsThe Fear of Being Different-Gays in Japan
10328Out South: Sexual minorities in the Majority WorldTorture-it happens in Japan too.
9327Torture: Never forgetPan-Africanism, South Africa and Japan.
- Interview with the South African Ambassador
8326Africa United: The Pan-African alternativeThe World's Biggest Fishmarket: Japan
7325Fish: The last gaspDemocracy for the Disenfranchised/My First Election
6324Democracy: Is that it?Japan-the Pesticide Capital of the World
5323Pesticides: Pick your poisonFair Trade in Japan + Factfile
4322Fair TradeAyacucho, Peru and Japan
3321Life after death in the Andes - Ayacucho'Bringing the market back to the people'
- An interview with Kaneko Masaru, Professor at Hosei University
1/2320Redesigning the global economyIn Search of a Policy
- Climate Change and Japan
12319Weather report - trouble aheadJapan, Indonesia and Economic Expediency
11318Indonesia - Power of protestIn Search of the Good Banana
10317Bananas - The big banana splitBetween Japan and Iraq
9316Iraq - What United Nations sanctions have doneDecentralization of Education in Japan
- Possibilities and Problems
8315Education - The great education scandalJournalists, the Press and Propaganda: An interview with Honda Katsuichi.
7314Mind games - The rise of corporate propagandaTokyo and suburbs
- How green is world's most populous city?

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